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"No salt water softeners" don't!

So, what about those "no salt / salt-free" so-called "water softeners?"

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XfrostX X XfrostX X says:
Need help choosing water softener?
I live in San Antonio, and they have the hardest water in Texas. Which water softener is the best one out there ? Should i go for the salt free water softeners ? Any recommendations would be great ! Thanks
jazzfan says:
There is no such thing as an effective salt-free water softener if you mean the magnetic type. It's an old scam according to Consumer Reports. We shopped around and got several bids, up to $1500....
Harder water = more expensive water softener?
A rainsoft water teatment sales came to our house and did some water test 2 days ago. He told us we have really hard water - 26. Therefore, those water softeners sold in Sears or Homedepot won't work for our house. We should buy an expensive...
ccornewell says:
no, any name brand water softener will work. try to get one that regenerates on volume of water used not on time, it will save you money and salt. do not fall for saltless softeners, they are a...

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Critics say that salt free water softeners aren't really softeners at all. Some go so far as to say they're a scam. What is the truth? Water softeners are widely available in a variety of forms, although the salt free water softener scam has crept in; promoted by salt free water softener reviews with an ... ... must believe in the no salt water softener scam ... No Salt Water Softener Scam; Water Softening, Filtration, and Purification – What’s the Difference? Salt Free Water ... Easy Water Scam Reports Are Stopping People From Purchasing from EasyWater at Salt Water Softener ... Is a Salt Free Water Softener Worth Getting? Kinds ...

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