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10-Stage Shower Water Filter - 2 Cartridge Included - Removes Chlorine, Impurities & Unpleasant Odors - Boosts Skin and Hair Health - For Any Shower Head and Handheld Shower AquaHomeGroup

by AquaHomeGroup
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  • ★ BODY CARE less well risk of developing eczema asthma bronchitis, reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff cares about the health of the skin, hair, nails helps to stimulate the immune system, remove toxins from the body, disinfection and killing of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli ideal for bathing children and your Pets
  • ★ PURIFIES WATER helps fast remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, chloramine flouride smell ammonia, sulfur other sediment and inhibits the growth of scale, algae, mold in the bath tub
  • ★ COMPLETE COMPATIBILITY can be placed over overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads for versatile home use. Protect filtered the whole shower in the house from dirty water

Customer reviews (see all 32 reviews)

Made absolutely no difference, no difference at all., June 5, 2017
The water I receive from the water company in my town has a slight sulphur smell and is light brown in color. My skin also feels dirty after I shower. I bought this filter in the hope that it would improve the quality of the water. After 3 weeks of...

... and with this filter my water quality is still poor. The reading is 144ppm which indicates hard water, June 3, 2017

Two cartridges for one filter. Its good!, May 24, 2017

Product description

Remove the impurities and harsh chemicals from your showers with a premium 8-stage water filter from, filtered shower head, There's nothing like a cool, refreshing shower after a long, hard day at work; but if you're water is filled with impurities and chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals, you may feel dried out like you spent the day at the pool. That's why we created the amazon shower filter designed to fast remove pollutants and irritants to let healthy, clean filtered water pass through and rain down on your body. Protect the whole shower in the house from dirty water. Cleaner, Purer Water Each disposable filter will last up to 6 - 8 full months and helps to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, chlorine, a fair percentage lead, pesticides, chloramine, flouride smell ammonia. Less well risk of developing eczema asthma bronchitis. This will help with rust, iron. By utilizing an 8-stage filtration system that leverages KDF-55, active carbon, PP cotton, stainless steel mesh, alkaline ceramic balls, calcium sulfite, your water will be cleaner no matter how hot or cold the temperatures. Easy Installation Thanks to our easy-install design, the AquaHomeGroup beauty water filter shower can be installed on your standard shower arm in just minutes. Attach it today and start removing chemicals and impurities from your shower to avoid dry, damaged skin and a flaky scalp. Note: Please let water run through filter for 5-10 minutes before use to remove any carbon dust buildup. Product Details: 8-Stage Filtration Chlorine Removal Rust-Resistant Chrome Body Consistent High Water Pressure Removes Chlorine, Hard Water, Chemicals and Impurities Easy Installation Tap 'Add to Cart' above to get a universal shower filter! 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE filtered showerheads filtered water faucet copper high-pressure cleaners water odor removal purifier shower filter fluoride removal shower head filter refill shower head with hose replacement shower cap

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The first question is, Why install a home water softener system. Installing a home water softening system can help homeowners avoid many problems caused by hard water.


Questions & answers

Celina Celina says:
Water Softener and Chemical Formula?
What is the chemical formula/equation that shows how the elements react when water softener is used? (Ex. 2H + 0 ----> H20) For a science project. Thank you!
Jean-Claude N says:
The major part of water softener is sodium chloride, common name salt. The reaction is simple, in water the salt dissolve and is cracked in is ionics form. In this case it's not a chemical reaction...
fam4 fam4 says:
Are Kenmore water softeners any good??
We need a water softener and are thinking about getting a Kenmore. The plumber told me that is not a good idea. Is that true or does he just want me to buy the one from him??
bear45fl says:
All water softners work the same. You have a resin bed that filters the water for hardness, PH and some iron. you also have a salt reserve that periodically flushes (cleans) the resin bed. On a...

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Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology

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We specialize in environmentally sound . technologies for the treatment of water for residential and commercial / industrial use. Our technologies are carefully ... water softener — water .softener n 1.) [U] a chemical used for removing unwanted ... water softener — water ,softener noun count a substance or piece of equipment ... Method: Chemical Water Softeners Water Filters Mechanical Water Softeners Magnetic Water Conditioners; Description: Chemicals added in laundering process Kinetico's chemical free water softener systems for those who want to aviod using salt or chemicals to resolve their water problems.
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Eco 12 Water filter system with Chemical and Salt Free water softening
Eco 12 Water filter system with Chemical and Salt Free water softening
Water Softener - Chemical and Salt Free Whole House Water Softener ...
Water Softener - Chemical and Salt Free Whole House Water Softener ...
Eco 12 Water filter system with Chemical and Salt Free water softening
Eco 12 Water filter system with Chemical and Salt Free water softening