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Baby Freezer Storage Containers

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50 Food Containers with leakproof lids - 25 oz | Microwave & Freezer safe | Plastic Meal Storage by Prep Naturals

by HomeNative Limited
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  • Set includes: 50 rectangular 25 ounce meal prep containers with 50 airtight lids
  • New deep freeze, long-life & leakproof square design
  • No questions asked money back guarantee

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Product description

The perfect taste
Our highly durable and entirely BPA-free food-grade plastic containers help your favorite foods retain
their taste and freshness - even when stored in the freezer.

Premium look & design
Clear boxes and lids guarantee that you always know what is in your storage containers. In addition,
the option to conveniently stack them leaves plenty of room in your fridge or freezer and makes
organizing your meals so much easier.

Lasts forever
Our food containers are made from heavy duty plastic and can be put into your freezer or microwave
without risk. They are fully reusable and entirely leak-proof - so you don't need to worry about cracked
containers creating a mess in your fridge.

For all occasions
Whether you are preparing meals for the week in advance, freezing your garden harvest, or stocking up
for a new baby - our 100% leak-proof containers keep your food safe.

An easy choice
Our product offers you the best value for your money. With a unit size of 50 boxes, it is the biggest set
available on the market.
Prep Naturals specializes in the research and development of food storage solutions,
using special molding techniques that make all Prep Naturals products so simple and effective to use.

A 50 pack set includes:
• 50 Plastic Food Storage Containers
• 50 lids

Thank you
Thank you for sharing our passion for great food. We hope you will have many great lunches and a
good time with our food savers. If you have any questions regarding our products or would like to
learn more about our brand, feel free to contact us anytime.

Restaurant inspections: 5-5 - Toledo Blade

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations. Lil’ Sheba , 1380 W. Alexis, inspected April 25. No certified person in charge. The license holder shall be the person responsible for the food-service operation or retail food establishment. The license holder may be the person in charge or.


Questions & answers

inlovewithlizaminnelli inlovewithlizaminnelli says:
Best freezer containers?
I bought some freezer bags and freezer containers, but my food is still freezer burned. I got ziploc freezer bags, and got the containers from dollar tree. What are the best freezer storage containers you've used?
Alex says:
The best I've ever used is a vacuum-sealer system such as this one here... ...which can be had at most Walmart Stores. Other systems are good,...
someone someone says:
is this freezer burn?
i put some food in a rubbermaid container and put it in the freezer, it has ice crystal stuff on the food in the container, is this freezer burn? what is a good storage container to store food in the freezer??
AuntKatie says:
No, just the presence of ice crystals does not necessarily mean freezer burn. Freezer burn does not usually happen for at least several months, and then only if the food is not well covered. The...

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