Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Car Air Freshener, Air Cleaner | Removes Pollen, Smoke, Smell and Bad...

  • Car air purifier produces negative ions...
  • Compact and attractive design with blue LED...
  • Plug directly into the 12v cigarette...
  • With a measurable and controllable...
  • The strongest car interior accessory...
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CAR AIR PURIFIER / IONIZER & OXYGEN BAR - Neutralize Smoke Experiment

Ionizer Test - Neutralize Smoke within 4 minute.

Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Car Air Freshener, Ionic Air Purifier, Air Cleaner - Removes Pollen, Smoke, Bad Smell and Odors. Ideal for Automobile/RV & Car Gift | CE, FCC and RoHS Certified

by FreshAir
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  • ★ World-Wide Accreditation and Environment Friendly: All of our products have CE, FCC and RoHS certifications: CE (European conformity marking that complies with all relevant European health safety and environmental protection legislation requirements),FCC (Federal Communications Commission), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Make the world a better place with your choice.
  • ★ Save Refills Cost, Hassle-Free and Simple to use: Unlike typical Car Air Fresheners, there are no filter and maintenance required, which will help you save long term costs.
  • ★ Most Value for Money Compact Car Ionizer with latest 2017 Edition Ionization Technology: Removes ODORS and CIGARETTES' SMELLS within seconds. USEFUL for POLLEN & SMELL SENSITIVE drivers and KIDS/BABIES. Removes pollens, cigarettes smoke, musty smell, pets' smell, PM2.5 air pollutants and kills harmful bacteria. Unlike artificial scent car air freshener that does nothing to cleanse air, FreshAir uses modern ionization techniques to purify air.

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Product description

You and your loved ones deserve fresher air and better air quality ! Removal of pollen, air bacteria, musty smell, smoking/cigarettes smell and pets' smell.

Perfect as a modern Automotive/Car Gift for your friends. Environment friendly and make a world a better place with your choice on FreshAir™ product.

Watch how New 2017 Version FreshAir™ Car Air Purifier/Ionizer dispels smoke WITHIN seconds:

Differentiating factors:

1. Get the New Yr 2017 Version now! Effective from 14 Nov 2016, new batch of FreshAir™ Car Air Purifier has been upgraded to resolve common issues faced by competitors' brands, eg buzzing sound.

2. More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing air purifiers and ionizers products. Developed products that are effective, good workmanship and design.

3. Ionizer generates a massive and effective concentration of negative ions using the latest purification technology.

4. Product packaging design from USA and good quality blister packaging ensures that you receive your product in perfect conditions.

Summary of how it works and health benefits:

1. FreshAir™ Car Air Ionizer/Car Air purifier generates massive amount of negative ions. Negative ions absorb smoke, dust, bacteria and other harmful particles that are floating in the air and consolidates them together to form clusters of particles.

2. These clusters of particles then become dense and heavy enough to subside naturally to the ground, rather than staying in suspension to be breathed into our lungs.

How to use:

Plug FreshAir Car Air Ionizer/Car Air Purifier into the car cigarette lighter socket. The blue LED light will be automatically switched on and it indicates that it is working.

Product Specifications

Weight of 38g, Voltage: 12 V/ DC, Working Temperature: -10℃~40℃ (10℉~104℉)

Questions & answers

Kaiser86 Kaiser86 says:
Anyone know of any good air purifiers for use in a car?
Looking to purchase in Canada.
Seebass says:
You may want to find what they call an "ionizer". This is an inclosed tube that has a florescent bulb in it. One end has a fan that sucks air particles through to the florescent bulb, particles...
Summer is coming, and air conditioning is working.However, the sweaty smells mad in my car. What should I do?
You can put a green plant in it if possible, and air purifier is the best way to clean the smell. Here is one for you.

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