EPAuto CP134 (CF10134) Honda & Acura Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated Carbon

  • Compatible Auto List: ACURA: CSX (2007-2011),...
  • Clean air for driver and passengers,...
  • Enhanced HVAC performance, Recommended...
  • Replacement for FRAM CF10134, Honda Genuine part...
Price: $7.97
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that was amazing the difference it made just changing the engine air filter. But by watching the demo "included at the end of the video" i can see why it works.

LG LT120F Replacement Refrigerator Air Filter, Pack of 3

by LG
(980 customer reviews)
Price: $9.99
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  • Filter sold without box packaging
  • Helps keep tastes and odors separated
  • Part number: ADQ73214404

Customer reviews (see all 980 reviews)

Great Value for an OEM product., June 23, 2015
As an appliance salesman at Sears, I can confirm that this is a suitable replacement for the Kenmore filter 9690. It is made by the same manufacturer, and is a fraction of the in store cost. My wife and I can tell a huge difference in the smells and...

See for your self. Hope the photo helps!, June 5, 2015
Excellent value ! Look just like the original LG filter. Works like a charm. Can't tell the difference. Take a look at the picture for your self. To the right is the old filter I removed. To the left is the three pack new filter I received from the...

Perect Fit, March 27, 2016
Perfect replacement for our LG refrigerator. We looked around all over for these replacements and could not find them in a store. All of the filters had to be purchased online. We looked on Amazon and with our prime membership and shipping, it...

Product description

The 3-Pack LG LT120F Fresh Replacement Refrigerator Air Filter goes to work immediately keeping your food's tastes and smells separated, helping make your investments last longer! Each filter lasts for up to six months, depending on operating conditions. The LT120F utilizes your refrigerators forced air circulation to neutralize the air inside your refrigerator. Let the LT120F replacement air filter go to work for you, order today!

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Intermatic PE153F Digital Clock Metal Enclosure Freeze Protection

My pool pump is a good distance from the pool and it is uphill to the pump and filter. Because of this, if the pump was set to low, sometimes the pump would not prime itself and just sit there pumping air that creeps into the pipes.


Questions & answers

HeartisaDrumMachine HeartisaDrumMachine says:
What does an air filter do?
I have a one gallon fish tank i bought at walmart for my betta and i was wondering what an air filter does as opposed to the whisper filters. does and air filter keep the water clean? also i am thinking of putting an underwater java fern in it and...
golden lyretail says:
All filters, whether they are the power filters (HOB - hang on back, too large for your tank) or the monster canister filters or box filters or sponge filters (a small one might fit your tank) are...
Madzia M Madzia M says:
what furnace air filter should i buy?
I have just run out of my air filters for my furnace. All I know is that it uses 16x25x1 and that we have dog. I checked Ace Hardware and Home Depot and there are so many types that I just don't know what to get. I was thinking of some deal at...
JFS says:
Standard, pleated filters that do not have a higher MERV rating than 8 are what I recommend to my customers, and what I use in my own system. They aren't expensive, and they are what the...

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Air filters improve the quality of air in your home
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О ФИРМЕ. Camfil Farr – мировой лидер в технологии очистки воздуха и производстве воздушных ... ООО Фильтр - производит и поставляет на рынок фильтры различных типов и классов очистки ... A particulate air filter is a device composed of fibrous materials which removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air. K&N Air Intakes and Cold Air Intakes are guaranteed to increase horsepower, come with the K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®, engineered to specific vehicle design ...
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